This powerful formula improves athletic performance, boosts energy, stimulates the immune system, reduces free radical damage, assures healthy nerve tissue, initiates over 60 different needed enzymes, and at the same time, lowers cholesterol. But you can’t take that little one-a-day dosage and expect any noticeable improvement. Current Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) represents only the levels heavily lobbied by the food industry to make packaged foods seem more nutritious. For optimum health, you need the higher “5-capsules-per-day-levels” suggested on the Revive label. Revive has a powerful B vitamin, so you should start with just 1 or 2 capsules for the first week or two until your body becomes accustomed to the higher levels.


There’s not enough space to tell you all the good things Revive does. So I’m going to squeeze in this anecdote to explain what you’re missing if you’re not taking Revive. No matter how hard I tried to get my kids to take their vitamins and minerals, they just weren’t interested. About the only time they get excited is if it has to do with goodies or a new movie. But last year when Spring rolled around, all the kids got their customary hay fever attack. But not me, I didn’t have a trace of stuffy nose because several months earlier I had started taking Revive on a regular basis. Gradually they were convinced, as they started taking it and their noses stopped running. Consequently, I never have to remind them to take their Revive. The only problem is, my bottle is always empty!


Without minerals, vitamins are unable to function. It is said, “Minerals are the traffic cops of vitamins; they tell the vitamins where to go.” Without minerals, you not only waste your vitamins; you impair your health and weaken your recuperation. Our bodies can make some vitamins but we must rely totally upon outside sources for minerals. Commercial growers do not generally add minerals to the soil. If your fruits and vegetables have not been grown on mineral-added, organic, composted soil and you are not taking mineral supplements, you are more than likely mineral deficient. Revive has all 72 trace minerals.


If you feel low on energy and are having a hard time losing body fat, don’t spend one more cent on fancy supplements without first building a powerful foundation of B Vitamins as contained in Revive. You may not even need the other fat-loss products. Hard workouts, illness, lack of sleep, and many other daily stressors lower your resistance. You need a healthy dose of vitamins A, C, D, and E to make sure colds, flu bugs and respiratory illness don’t set you back in your fitness goals.


Every man or woman who wants extra energy, robust health and a slimmer, harder body while looking younger; anyone who wants increased resistance to illness and a heightened capacity for more enjoyment. Revive is the most powerful vitamin and mineral supplement you can find. Once you start taking it, you’ll never use anything else because you won’t want to give up the energy.


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