Fiber Cleanse


Fiber Cleanse is a masterful blend of psyllium containing highly soluble fiber, but even better, 50% of the psyllium is whole (not powdered) husk fiber for maximum cleansing. The remaining 50% is powdered psyllium seed for maximum bulking. We also add natural soluble apple fiber, pectin and rolled oats to complete the fiber complex. Included in each teaspoon are 225 million active friendly bacteria (probiotic flora) from ten different strains.

This complex of milk-free intestinal flora is ideal to assure maximum benefit under a variety of conditions. It will also aid digestion, improve intestinal tone and oxygenation, and especially assure a healthy flora balance. What is truly unique about this combination of fiber and flora is that the non-digestible fiber acts as a protective carrier ensuring the safe arrival of the precious flora past the harsh digestive tract to the lower bowel where it can flourish. It’s easy to see why you can expect a wide spectrum of nutritional benefits when using Ionic Fiber Cleanse as suggested.


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